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Listed below few useful or just interesting/worth to know links about the iOS ecosystem.


  • Cocoa Pods the only dependency management system that is really easy and really smooth for iOS development. No git submodules and no brutal code copy paste anymore.

  • KSImageNamed get image names autocompletion on your XCode. This plugin will index you images and spit a list o suggestions while you are instantiating your UIImage. A must have.

  • SparkInspektor another XCode plugin to... well, you really have to watch the video to grasp the awesomness of this tool.

  • Pony Debugger This is a really wonderful tool. Debug your Core Data stack and Network comfortably from your Chrome browser.

  • Facebook iOS Infrastracture How does the Facebook team handle 5 different apps, 1 master branch, 10+ release a day without screweing everything up? This video provides really interesting insights about the Facebook apps development: internal tools, testing, custom libraries, project infrastracture and so on and so forth. Take 40 minutes of your time and watch it, really.

Dev & Tools

  • Reactive Cocoa If you want to give a functional reactive flavour to your code, this is the framework. It takes probably sometime to grasp this programming paradigm, but if you want to slowly stop relying only on the state to address your problems, start this journey.

  • FastImageCache This library will first of all help you addressing the issue of table view smoothness: your table view filled up with images will fly. Second cool bit: the whole procedure used to achieve the result (from problem analysis to solution) is clearly and exaustively described and you will find out how great these guys are (and... there is an ex Apple developer too ;) ).

  • UIKit7 A problem we all had to face after the iOS 7 release is: what shall we do with the old iOS 6 design? Well, just trash it. With this library you don't need to support two different design paradigms for different iOS versions. It will transform iOS 5 and 6 UI elements iOS 7 ones. A lot of time saved.

  • Kiwi BDD on iOS made fun.

  • Frank Automated functional test on iOS made fun. Using cucomber.

Beneath the surface

  • iOS Security An exaustive document about whole security precautions on iOS. I was pretty impressed by the bootchain.

  • ARC vs MRC Automatic reference count is a pretty powerful and brilliant tool, we all know that. But...

  • Multipath TCP on iOS7 Interesting read about the new technology introduced on iOS 7. I believe it's a big step forward, so it's good to at least know about its existence.

  • Pentesting iOS apps The Objective-C runtime is powerful. And power on the wrong hands is bad. With this presentation you will have an introduction about how to perform blackbox analysis on iOS apps.

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