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Pokemon Go dev Niantic Labs Becomes $200 Million Richer

Pokemon Go may have been a big thing a long time ago but its dev Niantic Labs continues to have a strong presence. In fact, a group of investors decided to invest $200 million in it and that pushes its valuation to $3.9 billion. Nobody could have seen that coming especially from a company that started as a subsidiary of Google. Furthermore, it doesn’t cost a penny to download Pokemon Go like most games. The dev gains income through microtransactions. Yes, the Porn Discounts concept is definitely a new one and a lot of people have embraced it. It has caught the attention of everyone and people who you did not think would get addicted to it end up trying it out. Some don’t want others to see they are playing Pokemon Go but it is hard to hide that given the objectives of the game.

Niantic Labs has big plans for the future and that includes developing a game that is similar to Pokemon Go. This time, they plan to use a Harry Potter theme. Of course, a lot of investors think it will be as successful as Pokemon Go which is why a lot of them invested millions of dollars in it. The dev earned $80 million from all the microtransactions alone. Hence, it is safe to say there are still a number of people who are still addicted to the app. There may be some apps that tried to copy it but it would be better to stick with the original.

Niantic’s new Harry Potter game is named Wizards Unite. The name alone looks to be about the players who will play it as they will be called wizards. It would obviously feel great to call yourself a wizard. The game was expected to launch this year but gamers will have to wait another year before they can download it. If this game becomes as successful as Pokemon Go, that can only mean good things for the future of Niantic Lab. They don’t have to develop many Pay Porn Discounts games to earn income. They can just develop one or two and rely on income via microtransactions.

It is easy to spot people playing Pokemon Go and you won’t believe how some of your friends easily get caught up with it. The dev is expected to release details about Wizards Unite soon. It should not be completely a clone of Pokemon Go. They are expected to get fans’ feedback and make it into something special. After all, why would you want a clone of another game with different characters? That won’t make sense and the older game may even be the better option.

Whatever they do with the Harry Potter game, they are expected to get a lot of competition. A load of porn deals from iPorn Offer is expected to be developed in the next year. If manufacturers are aware of Niantic Lab’s intentions of releasing another game, you can expect them to step up their game. They would want to release the best game possible.